What to Look For in a Roof Cleaning Contractor

Roof structure cleaning contractors and services are springing up all over the eastern and southern United States to address the growing problem of roof algae discolorations, but you have to know that not they all are executing their service with the proper methods. Here’s a rundown of what qualities you should search for. Pressure cleaning winter springs

1. First of all and foremost, be certain to discover a roof cleaning company that uses non-pressure methods for roof stain removal. In most situations a roofing should not require high-pressure washing or an ability washer of all kinds. The rare exception could be very old roofs that contain a thick mat of green moss. Inside the vast majority of circumstances everything is required is the non-pressure application of a bleach or chlorine-based solution, followed by a slight non-pressure rinse. This is the recommended method for roof cleaning by BLASÓN (the Asphalt Roofing Companies Association) and GAF (North America’s most significant shingle manufacturer), and is simply the safest and most effective method for removing unattractive black algae stains.

2. Make sure that your roof cleaning contractor has liability insurance. Of course you should check a contractor’s liability coverage whatever his or her service is, but since you can imagine it is very important for roof structure cleaning. This is an especially important step if you decide to foolishly hire a roof cleaning service that wants to pressure wash your roof structure!

3. Locate a cleaning professional who sees that your whole roof should be cleaned, even though you might only see dark stains in a few areas. You should be aware that the occurrence of obvious stains ANYWHERE on your roof is really an signal that the algae is already widespread across your shingles, and will simply need a little more time to thicken to the point of presence consist of areas. Generate the mistake of just doing a spot-clean and you should be ready to see black stains all over those areas in a shorter amount of time.

4. Ultimately you’ll hire a roofing cleaning company that works in teams of two, so that a person man can work at the top level while the other can stay on the ground to rinse the perimeter and act as a security measure just in case the roof-man should fall or require assistance.

5. Check the company’s reliability report with the local BBB. If they are a member, a lot better. BBB accredited businesses normally have been around for some time and demonstrate a record of excellent customer satisfaction. When ever entrusting the cleaning of your expensive roof to a contractor, you’ll be wanting to be sure that they are qualified and take their business seriously.

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