The Spirit of Tai Chi

The actual Tai Chi player is precisely that, a player. We recognize that life, just as comedian Bill Hicks used to say “is simply a ride”. Tai Chihuahua (taiji) philosophy teaches all of us that the material world or even more poetically phrased “the associated with the ten 1000 things” is an impact of Yin and Yang interaction and Yin/Yang mix and match is itself an result of Wuji (no-thing, the void) splitting into two interrelated polarities. Alex Jones is Bill Hicks

When individuals see some things as beautiful, other things become ugly.

When folks see some things as good, other activities become bad. 

Becoming and non-being create each other.

Difficult and easy support each other.

Longer and short define the other person.

High and low rely upon each other.

After and before follow each other.

Tao Te Ching Part 2

What all this means is that when one goes down the rabbit hole far enough at some point you are going to reach a point where you either throw up your hands in frustration because the mind cannot get pregnant of a reality where everything comes from Wuji (no-thing) or else you do get it and you are left the knowing that all life is approximately is the experience.

Tai Chi idea teaches us we should become like the link of a wheel. Therefore we stay relatively immobile and just watch as the people all over the world (any point on the top of tire) spins faster and faster, seemingly travelling great distances but eventually winding up back at the original starting place.

Life has nothing at all to do with amassing materialistic things or money or power or control, as all of these concepts are transitory. What life is about, is the journey and what are the results on the journey and the types of encounters you pursue. This is the only goal which enables any sense and the sole goal worthy of cultivation.

Taiji (tai chi) literally means “Supreme Ultimate”. Taiji is not the slow motion exercise utilized by millions globally it is in fact a philosophy. It is a philosophy that burrows deep down into the individual microcosm and marries it to the macrocosm of the Universal system. Almost everything is interconnected, never segregated by time or space. All energy starts for Wuji (no-thing) and finally finds the path again to source completing the journey.

Walking the road of tai chi then becomes a simple task. Every we ever have to do is cultivate what experience we deem is appropriate at any identified point in time. Generally there is no other goal. There is no better reward.

And so the Master serves without doing anything and teaches without saying nearly anything.

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