The Mona Lisa – The World’s Most Famous Painting Houses a Mystery Better Than Any Silly “Code”

Effectively the most well known painting ever, Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is additionally one of the world’s incredible puzzles. Papel de parede em bh

On the off chance that you have perused or seen The da Vinci Code (and who hasn’t?) at that point you have an essence of a portion of the inquiries encompassing this perfect work of art. 

Be that as it may, in all actuality, this story needn’t bother with any anecdotal adornment. What is known – and obscure – about the depiction is as fascinating as any hack riddle would ever plan to be.

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

For one thing, Mona Lisa isn’t the name of the artistic creation. At any rate it isn’t the name given to it by its painter, da Vinci.

He really declined to give it a name after finishing it (the first run through) in 1507, in spite of chipping away at it (the first run through) for more than four years.

The name “Mona Lisa” – which signifies “Madam Lisa” in Italian – was held tight it in 1550 by Painter Giorgio Vasari who speculated that the lady in the representation was Lisa Gherardini, youthful spouse of a well off Florence silk dealer.

You’re Mine, All Mine!

Oddly, Leonardo, a business craftsman who paid the bills by painting, chose to keep the Mona Lisa for himself. Whoever charged the composition, in the event that anybody did, never get it.

Records demonstrate that Leonardo accepting the sketch with him as he voyaged and “modified” it again and again until his passing in 1519.

Awesome Art Lives On

After da Vinci’s passing, the King of France purchased the artwork and it remained in the regal family for over 200 years. Amid the French Revolution the perfect work of art was moved to its present home, The Louver.

Where it has remained…except for a period when Napoleon “acquired” it – and balanced it in his room!

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