Rising Trend in the Auto Industry – Reaching Out to NFC Technology Companies

Increasing Trend in the usage of NFC technology by Auto Industry

The technology of near field marketing and sales communications (NFC) has been growing by leaps and court in the last few years and many technology providers who have been providing mobile software application services have jumped directly into NFC bandwagon. NFC Technology business application developers have recently been continually establishing relationships with the Auto majors to come out with such progressive NFC applications. If perhaps the trend seen in the recent CES 2013 show is everything to go by, NFC technology will continue on it is strong growth trajectory in the coming years. One particular industry vertical on what the NFC technology businesses are betting big is the auto industry. NFC companies are planning to come out with a series of NFC applications used in buffering content and transferring data in the automobiles. fusionex founder

NFC in Auto Industry

Just about all of the cars in several utility segments come with cutting edge entertainment, infotainment and navigation features built in to it. NFC technology providers have been doing significant research on the consumption of wireless online connectivity inside basically. Wireless connection inside just has become critical in transferring content from various personal tablets and smart phone devices to the entertainment and navigation systems used in the car. These cordless systems would eventually replace the existing expensive cables system for communication and data transfer inside the car.

NFC Chips for Vehicles

NFC Technology designers such as Texas Musical instruments have come out with a NFC chip that helps in obtaining cordless connectivity in side automobiles. The new system called the WiLink 8Q system-on-chip family integrates technologies such as NFC, WI-Fi, Green tooth and GNSS to achieve wireless communication between the device employed by the driver and devices owned or operated by the several passengers being placed in side the car. NFC enabled tablets and smart phones need a NFC label to engage in NFC enabled data communication. A single can buy NFC tags in e-Commerce portals such as Amazon. Texas tool is planning to come out with an original of the equipment model in the 2nd 1 / 4 of 2013. They are planning to start out production in early 2014. This solution has been developed for auto manufacturers that production cars in high volumes of prints.

NFC Car Keys for opening Hotel Rooms

Between the several NFC technology manufacturers, Ving Card Elsafe is one company that has been focusing on coming away with hotel key credit cards based on NFC technology. Ving Card Elsafe has partnered with BMW to develop a fresh technology that would permit car motorists to book rooms in hotels from their cars and use their car keys to spread out the room. This would be very much helpful for business travelers who are in frequent need of last-minute hotel bookings.

Making use of the built-in routing system available in area the BMW car, THE CAR car drivers can search for the near by hotels that are within kids of NFC standards. The driving force can choose a particular hotel and complete the booking from other BMW car. Once the reservation is complete, the vehicle gps informs the driver about the room amount in the hotel and also guides the generating force to that particular hotel. The access code that is required for opening the hotel room door gets downloaded automatically to the NFC empowered car key. BMW motorists can walk past the hotel check in table and directly your arranged room. Drivers are able to use their NFC enabled car key to open the Vingcard Elsafe Contact less door lock.

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