Online Counseling in Action – Assessing Marriage Quality

The challenge that the wife was troubled with:

I just started a new job; in sharing a training class I exchanged cellphone numbers with two natural male classmates. When they called, my hubby became flabergasted and very angry. Later on he went through the telephone bill and found away I called them. This individual said I was a liar and he could hardly trust me anymore. psicólogo online

My own Reply:

It is not hard to assess, even via brief Online Counseling process, that your situation is not easy: you are wedded to whom you love, nevertheless, you have realized that he is full of an 18th century attitude regarding women and a wife’s behavior in particular. 

Therefore be created by you psychologist and do the assessment:

If your sense is that this is insecurity due to an inferiority masculinity issue, use assurance, love and pain to work it away.

If you feel is it doesn’t old fashion male prominence and jealousy, use your senses and walk away; and the sooner the better.

Your present training activities and future career would not and should not accommodate such an frame of mind. You additionally do not want your possible children in the future to treat both you and others in this manner. If perhaps you plan to leave the marriage, short term Online Counseling would definitely be helpful.

The case illustrates how the online psychologist/counselor/professional does the initial evaluation process. Online Counseling is a professional method that is flexible enough to address many RELATIONSHIP troubles within your intra-personal and inter-personal worlds, such as: career, couples, marriage, and social circles.

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