Memories of a Wooden Toy Chest

When a 50-year-old wooden toy upper body could talk to a 5-year-old toy chest, what wouldn’t it say? Would it reveal a lot about the children who stashed their toys inside and who later abandoned it on the attic? A toy chest’s resurrection as a companion for those once-children’s children will release memories of toys long ago. baby toys

Remember the Ancient Toy Chest?

It was the era of dark and white TV. Might Rogers, Hopalong, Dale Evans, and the Lone Ordonner hugged the limelight. Companies of wooden chests found an opportunity and designed chests from pine with pine knots and called them toy chests. Heroic exploits of cowboys that the little boy adored were painted on the exterior sides and tops of the wooden toy torso.

The artwork depicted Indians and cowboys astride galloping horses. In the toy upper body were the wooden choo-choo train, wooden wagon, little wooden boats, puppets, a peg board, a dairy truck, rockers, and colourful tops.

There’s an old well-worn, kiddie-sized baseball mitt carefully wrapped in moth-eaten linen and a vintage solid wood bat. A pair of toy soldiers, the remains of any set of doze continues, to keep watch. These are them of yesteryears. The old solid wood toy chest remembers that the little boy who used to own the treasures often hurt his finger when the cover dropped suddenly.

For the little girls, the easy solid wood toy chest housed wood dolls, and dollhouses, an enamel tea set with one cup chipped at the brim, and a porcelain doll. Which picture book and frayed laces and ribbons. All those little lovable girlie things have got their time.

The old toy chest can’t keep its eyes off the new toys the kids are having fun with. Amazing replicas of real cars and airplanes that was unheard of in his time. But its brag that in those times, children had more play than TV and computers. These old boxes have been retired, but if any baby boomer catches sight of 1 circa 50’s toy chest, he could have a flood of memories.

The New Wood Toy Chest

There were numerous lessons learned from yesteryear. The modern version has a security capture to prevent the top from hurting little hands. These are made from cherry oak, and if you wish a sweet smelling toy chest, you can obtain for a cedar foundation. You have to pay extra, of course.

A individualized wooden toy breasts? Yes, the suppliers provides laser engraving of your child’s name on the front of the package. Think of how your child will remember all these when she or this individual gets older. The same chest can be exceeded on to your grandchildren down the road. Who knows? You might have a very important antique. Just be sure to have a look at where you hid it when the kids have flown the coop.

You can also have that buccaneer chest for your little boy who is always playing around in his pirate cape and eyesight patch covering one eyesight, pretending to be Chief Hook. It’s a sure thing he can adore this pirate-inspired wooden toy torso. Or if you have a little princess, you can give her a chest with dainty a muslim over a pink or white painted toy breasts.

Ask your parents about their wooden toy boxes. They’ll tell you that their parents bought them those chests to keep their toys out of sight as soon as they had their fun. Therefore the old toy chest will wink and say “that’s our reason for existence”, however you know it’s more than that. A kid can be trained good habits early, like putting their toys and other stuff in the proper places – toys in the wooden toy upper body and books on the bookshelf.

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