Make Gold With Patch Notes in WoW Cataclysm

If you are an experienced gold developer, then you probably know that the way to make loads of platinum is by being up to date with the Patch Notes. This method is quite simple to use, you just need to read the Patch Paperwork when there’s going to be a new Area. Most gold guides upgrade their guides with the latest patch notes and what you should buy and what you need to trash (sell everything on the Public auction House before the plot goes live), so this is a legitimate method. custom patches

But if you aren’t that experienced, then it is likely you desire a few more tips how to do this. In the event that you’re just thinking of using this method right now then you should think hard, because if you don’t really know what you’re doing then you’ll lose lots of gold. 

The Risks With This plan

You should be quite safe employing this silver making strategy, but discover a few things that you should think of before you start buying stuff on the market house just because something happens to be in the patch notes.

A single thing is that the patch notes aren’t always 100% accurate. In truth, there will probably be several changes to the patch notes before it goes live, this is almost always the situation, but almost all of the time this does not affect the gold making part of the game directly, it are likely to be about raiding or PvP (Player vs Player). But this can have an effect on the value of an item a lot, let me give you an example:

One talent of the Rogue class just received a major tendon in the latest plot notes, which means that the glyph that’s used for that specific skill won’t be used more, all the Rogues will just use another glyph for another talent, this means that because no one is going to use it, the cost of that glyph will along with price a lot. So discussing say all the Important find out about this and the retail price is merely getting lower and lower, so you panic and trash all the glyphs damaged by this change.

Three times later that get altered, and the Rogue course doesn’t get that énergie in the next area, hence the price goes back again up. You merely lost lots of potential gold by selling all of your glyphs.

But here’s the great thing about this. If you are fast, you’ll find out relating to this before all the Rogues of the server and you will therefore buy up all the cheap glyphs on the auction house and stockpile them until the patch goes live.

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