How Digg Got Me on ESPN and Fox News

What is Digg? For the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea, I will utilize the depiction appropriate off their site: Fox News Live Streaming

“Digg is a place for individuals to find and share content from anyplace on the web. From the greatest online goals to the most dark blog, Digg surfaces the best stuff as casted a ballot on by our clients. You won’t discover editors at Digg – we’re here to give a place where individuals can all things considered decide the estimation of substance and we’re changing the manner in which individuals devour data on the web.” 

I won’t go into every one of the intricate details of Digg. You can peruse a decent article about it here. You essentially submit content you discover intriguing to the Digg Community. The people group cast a ballot it up or down. On the off chance that enough individuals vote it up and not very many vote it down or “cover it”, your accommodation makes it to the “First Page” which can create a large number of hits to the accommodation.

Is Digg valuable to the “dark bloggers” of which I tally myself? It very well may be in the event that you recollect the key expression authored by Viacom film tycoon Sumner Redstone “Quality writing is everything!”. I really thought my sibling Mark Cuban begat the adage until the point that I read about Redstone. This is the brilliant principle that drives the Digg people group.

What is your blog about? Is your blog about getting traffic from first page postings paying little mind to nature of the substance since you are advertisement upheld? I see a great deal of that on Digg. That sort of substance as I would like to think isn’t top dog with regards to blogging on the grounds that it is quite often content produced by another person. Why not invest some energy fabricating a dedicated readership base with quality as well as unique substance? On the off chance that you don’t individuals are not going to return until the point when you have another prevalent accommodation. I need peruser reliability. I need individuals to stick around and take a gander at my various posts. The main way they will do that is on the off chance that they delighted in the underlying post I submitted to Digg. At the point when a Digg accommodation of mine hits first page, it is similarly as or increasingly critical to me what number of other of my articles are clicked.

There is nothing amiss with expounding on other individuals’ news. Except if you are composing a unique screenplay it bodes well to expound on the world occurring around you. The key for me at any rate is to take an occasion, regardless of whether 500 other individuals have composed on it, and make it mine with unique thoughts, contemplations and perspectives. In the event that I can not include something new (at any rate new to me) to an occasion, I will in general avoid it.

The inclination of a few Diggers is to peruse just the lead-in when they digg. I endeavor to make a lead-in that urges perusers to tap on the connection to my blog as opposed to just digg and remark off of the lead-in. A terrible lead-in can get an article covered as fast as an awful article itself. The specialty of composing a decent lead-in can be contrasted with an a mystery for a Hollywood film. You need to catch the enthusiasm of your gathering of people rapidly without providing for much data. You need them to be sufficiently interested to go see the movie.(your blog) It is a consistent learning process.

Try not to fear the remarks. At the point when an accommodation goes first page there can be many remarks. A significant number of them are disdainful and intense to peruse however in the event that you disregard those and locate the important ones you can take in a great deal about approaches to enhance your composition and substance choice aptitudes. I routinely got tormented for my language before I began working more diligently on it. Despite everything I get tormented to some extent however the dissensions have diminished significantly.

Here is a case of how Digg as of late functioned for me bringing about two ESPN interviews and an appearance on The Fox News Channel.

On June 6 2008 I composed an article entitled “Why Athletes Go Broke”. It went well known and created 814 Diggs. This is a genuinely unassuming number for a first page accommodation. Conversely, the real article on my blog got 30 thousand hits. This is once more, not a surprisingly substantial number of hits from a first page accommodation. The genuine advantage is the other web indexes and writes that get on this extensive number of hits. This procedure got my post seen by the New York Times. The Times connected to the my blog in their Freakonomics Section in a post entitled: Why Do So Many Celebrities Go Broke. It was additionally posted in their “Whats Online” segment. The Times postings brought about my accommodation being grabbed by news writes everywhere throughout the world. This brought about two ESPN interviews and a national appearance on the Fox News Channel.(video underneath) I have additionally gotten a few offers to compose for productions.

What exercises can be gained from this? There are some that will say this happened on the grounds that my last name is Cuban. I question that statement. I have composed numerous web journals that have gone first page and not produced any enthusiasm past Digg. It demonstrates that Digg works for bloggers even despite any abhor by the Digg people group towards the blogging network. I have no clue if this abhor really exists however I read about it much of the time. It demonstrates that paying little heed to any Digg factors, substance will dependably be above all else. On the off chance that you have content that is convenient, intriguing and hits an “open nerve” Digg will work for you. Digg isn’t only to disperse hard news around the web. Digg can work to convey your considerations on that news also. You simply must have something worth saying. Digg can pull back the window ornament yet the gathering of people still needs to like the show. Be unique Be auspicious Be strong as a blogger. The Digg people group will stand up and pay heed.

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