HIV and AIDS – Myth Vs Medicine

Traditional drug has burned through $50 billion in research concentrating on an infection that without anyone else’s input does not cause the illness. In the interim, elective specialists have unobtrusively gained great ground in treating AIDS. perguntas curiosas sobre dsts

A couple of years back, the pioneer of an African country was all around assaulted on the planet press for being a “foe of the general population,” embracing an arrangement of “destruction” and giving “babies a chance to pass on in agony.” 

Was this a beast supporting psychological militants, exploring different avenues regarding weapons of mass decimation or taking up arms against minorities in his nation? No, it was Thabo Mbeki, leader of South Africa.

His “wrongdoing” was recommending that his nation audit the security of AIDS drugs.

At that point, adding fuel to the contention, in March 2000, President Mbeki welcomed around 30 HIV-AIDS specialists to his presidential AIDS board in Pretoria, including two American natural chemists, Peter Duesberg and David Rasnick.

These two Ph.D.s from the University of California at Berkeley are vocal nonconformists of regular reasoning about HIV and AIDS.

Clearly Mbeki is no beast, however would he say he is misled and misinformed to scrutinize the wellbeing of AIDS drugs and the supreme condition HIV = AIDS?

It was April 23, 1984, when Robert Gallo, M.D., of the National Cancer Institute, declared that he had discovered the “reasonable justification of AIDS.” It was, he stated, another retrovirus that he named HTLV-III (human T-cell lymphotropic infection III), which was later renamed HIV.

Gallo’s proof for this case was not the real seclusion of an infection, but rather the recognition of antibodies in most however not all AIDS patients that he and his associates had examined. (It worked out that Luc Montagnier, M.D., of the Pasteur Institute in Paris, had given Gallo test infection proof the earlier year, and is currently given credit as the “co-pioneer of HIV.”)

So extraordinary was the frightfulness and mania encompassing AIDS that this declaration was quickly welcomed not as a likely theory but rather as truth by the media and open.

There were challenges from the simple beginning over this act of pure trust, in any case, voiced by some exceptionally conspicuous scientists. One of them was Kary Mullis, Ph.D., who got the 1993 Nobel Prize in science for the innovation of the Polymerase Chain Reaction test, a backbone of AIDS explore innovation. In 1992 he expressed, “No one in their correct personality would bounce into this thing like [Gallo et al.] did. It had nothing to do with any very much thought about science. There were a few people who had AIDS and some of them had HIV not by any means every one of them. So they had a connection. What of it?”

As a matter of fact, researchers from renowned foundations everywhere throughout the world brought up numerous irregularities and logical inconsistencies in the “HIV = AIDS” hypothesis. Yet, as Mbeki himself expressed in a letter he kept in touch with at that point – President Clinton, there was a “battle of scholarly terrorizing and psychological warfare” likened to “medieval book-consuming” to keep elective hypotheses about the reasons for the sickness from being heard.

There are two supposed AIDS tests the ELISA (compound connected immunosorbant test) and the Western Blot test. Neither of these tests distinguish the infection; they recognize antibodies that the body can deliver because of various improvements. False HIV positives have been caused by somewhere around 66 recorded inconsequential wellbeing conditions, meds and different elements, including sustenance sensitivities, inoculations, blood transfusions, proteins on test channel paper and a large group of different infections, microscopic organisms and parasites.

Note likewise that antibodies are not an indication of a functioning contamination or ailment. They are just a sign that at one time our body created an insusceptible reaction to an antigen.

There were and are other relevant specialized contentions against the HIV = AIDS hypothesis, originating from universally prestigious pathologists and virologists. There are, for instance, human populaces who test HIV positive yet never build up any indications of AIDS. Dr. Mullis references a United Nations think about: “The World Health Organization examined whores in a little beach front African nation above Liberia. They found that 75% of the whores were HIV-positive and anticipated that five years after the fact half of them would be dead. In five years they returned and there were no bodies to tally. Still the positives are HIV positive, as per their tests.”

Further, in creature considers, there are in excess of 125 chimpanzees that were vaccinated with the AIDS infection over 15 years prior who have never created AIDS.

The HIV = AIDS hypothesis damages the principal norms used to decide if a specific living being causes an explicit ailment. These standards are classified “Koch’s Postulates,” and were built up more than 100 years back by German bacteriologist Robert Koch (articulated “Koke”), who decided the reasons for tuberculosis, Bacillus anthracis and different illnesses.

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