History of the Boxing Glove

3 thousands years ago, the time of the Greeks, men would rap their hands in leather strips in an attempt, to protect their hands in preventing tournaments, boxing fights and wars. It was an attempt to provide security for their hands – there was however never any really padding in these ancient boxing hand protection, just leather to protect the boxer’s hands. Canelo vs GGG start time

Generally the majority of folks have make assumptions that the full boxing glove was made to guard the person being hit. The bones in the hand however are small and incredibly vulnerable so the padding providing the gloves is as much as protecting the person being clobbered and person doing the clobbering – fighting, martial disciplines and boxing are fairly much two way – you cannot fight with yourself! 

Pursuing the end of the Greeks, we saw the Romans pick up on boxing as form of entertainment, a form of a sport – the passion died down though when it was switched into a life and death type sport in the gladiator empires. That they were doing however continue to use leather pieces as gloves – being Romans though, they chosen to take it another level – metal studs, surges, were attached to the metal as replacement from it strips, resulting in boxing match matches that had the losing jet fighter ending up dead or completely torn apart with injuries, scars and horrible long lasting effects.

Again in 30 BC boxing was performed illegitimate by Romans in all of the Roman metropolitan areas and provinces. The distaste for boxing was so passionate that entire Both roman Empire had it restricted, resulting in all European civilization following this strategy for practically 1500 years.

Towards the start of the 1700s and the late 1600s boxing began to reappear. It was mostly however bare knuckled and boned fighting, this would not last long though, in fact during this development we gradually saw the adding of padding and safety was consider.

Jack Broughton was your first British boxing champion – the first icon you could research in British Boxing record in the first 1700s. This individual is considered by many people to the designer of the modern day boxing gloves – not forgetting that during his time in pioneering boxing (the development of safety gloves and boxing equipment slowly and gradually developed after padding) that the public eye quarrels were still non baseball glove assigned fighters and were fighting bare knuckled – going all out.

Scheduled to the amount of casualties and deaths during these matches, a decision was made and boxing fans and communities began to apply rules – in the year 1866, bare knuckle fighting was over and boxing safety gloves were put in to train. There were a whole lot of fanatics out there, who did not like the idea and were still passionate about the raw fighting.

In the year 1866, John Graham Chambers, published in Birmingham, the now famous Queensbury Rules. Many things were put into practice and not forgetting padding consumption was made onto boxing mitts for all matches through the beginning of the 20th century, the entire boxing scene was Queensbury rules – everywhere.

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