Free Android Games Round Up

owners of Android-like minded phones such as the HTC magic and the T-mobile G1 may be thrilled as punch to analyzethat there are a few top notch free games out there just waiting to be downloaded from the Android marketplaceright here are a few to try – and a few to keep away

Mahjongg – a fairly trustworthy rendition of the japanese pairs recreationunluckily, the touchscreen is the simplest enterdevice that can be used with this game, which quite a lot guidelines it out unless you have very slim hands to pick out the tiny pics with.

mem – This simon-says gamewherein you have to press an icon as soon as possible after its counterpart is displayed, features some pretty zany sound results, and it really works properly with the contact screenbut the long termattraction within reason limited.

Minspace struggle – A second shoot-em-up that makes use of the telephones mini-keypad as a manage floordespite the fact that the images are exact and you believe you studied it would play a lot higher on a computer or a committed video games console, the controls are too fiddly to make it really worth the time it takes to download.

MisMisMatch – The aim of this deceptively simple puzzle game is to press packing containersarranged on a grid, together with your finger, that are not currently part of a pair if you want to flip them over so that they suit with an adjoiningcontainer, and may be taken out of play. there’s a helpful tutorial mode to guide you via the fundamentals, and a spreadof difficulty settings.

percentguy via Namco – After the distance Invaders craze of the overdue Seventiesgot here percentman, a yellow ball with eyes whose major reason in lifestyles changed into to munch down traces of pillsarranged inside a maze, and from time to time eat a few flashing ghosts when he changed into full of the self belief that best oranges could provide him. this is a first-rate rendition with all of the unique visuals, but neither the contact screen nor the music ball is truelyappropriate for playing it with.

Pop Pop Popcorn – Use your finger as a virtual heating element, to warmth un-popped popcorn, arranged on a grid, until it pops, but make sure not to go away your finger on long or surrounding popcorn will burn. one of the better touchscreen video games available for the Android platform.

Santas battle on Terror – This facet scrolling platform sport functions the western worlds favored generosity metaphor in a pitched struggle towards the terrorists. despite the fact that the name would possibly raise a snigger or , the images are terrible and St. Nick is ridiculously difficult to govern, making it one to keep away from.

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