Fiberglass Pools and Hardscaping – Enhancing Outdoor Living Spaces

Do you know the difference between fiberglass and concrete lined pools? Fiberglass (rather above ground or underground) pools are made from reinforced plastic containing fiberglass molded into the shape, size or color of your choice or available space. Concrete may be used with fiberglass pool installation to keep the molded fiberglass in place throughout its lifetime. Concrete lined pools use a concrete mixture that is either sprayed or poured onto the steel reinforcement and allowed to set. The contractor will either apply plaster inside the pool interior or use a vinyl liner over the concrete. Clients also have a choice of gunite, poured concrete and masonry block pools which all involve concrete construction of some sort. 

Fiberglass pools are typically chosen over other types of pools due to their ease of use, durability, quick installation and relatively cheap price tag. Fiberglass pools do not require new vinyl covers, change of water, re-plastering and prohibit the growth of bacteria and algae. Fluctuating temperatures (such as extreme cold or hot temperatures) pose no problems with fiberglass pools as they expand and contract to prevent damages and premature cracking.

Hardscaping involves more than the simple landscaping features in one’s backyard. Hardscapes can be utilized in both residential and commercial properties to increase to value of the land where the property is housed. Hardscaping can easily be defined as covering any exposed soil, dirt or sand with pavers, concrete, brick, stone or other outdoor flooring material. Some examples of hardscaping commonly used in residential and commercial settings are paved walkways, sidewalks, waterfalls, streets, retaining walls and driveways. Although not commonly considered a form of hardscaping, ponds, pools and other water landscaping are very much classified as hardscape. The materials used to construct the various forms of water landscaping are used as barriers to retain water, thus preventing soil, dirt or sand to come in contact with the water. fiberglass pools

Are you interested in enhancing your residential or commercial properties outdoor surroundings? Rather adding pavers, brick, stone or concrete walkways, hardscaping can enhance your curb appeal and increase your properties value. Hardscaping is not limited to outdoor living spaces as you can add indoor waterfalls, ponds and flooring to any residential or commercial space. Some additional ideas for consideration for hardscaping are indoor/outdoor fireplaces, outdoor grills, outdoor fire pits, hot tubs and retaining walls used for flower beds and gardening.

For the residential setting, fiberglass pools add exceptional value to the home and provide entertainment for families and kids during hot summer days. Due to decreased time and money spent on maintenance, Fiberglass pools have exceeding grown in popularity in recent years.

Enhancing outdoor living spaces can include a variety of choices for inside or outside of the residential or commercial space. Consult with a landscaping designer or landscaping company before finalizing any plans regarding the enhancement of a residential or commercial property. A landscape architect will be able to access the grounds or building conditions to make sure all zoning rules and regulations are permissible by state and local laws.

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