Cell Tower Land Leases

if you are a mobile smartphone tower landowner or building rent proprietor or realize someone that isthis newsletterwill offer a few insight into strategies used by the wireless enterprise to take gain of unsuspecting cellular tower landowners. property acquisition

when approached by a cellular phone company or one of the many lease buyout organizations it’s far important to understand one factorcompanies exist to make cash. The wireless industry isn’t any specifici am sure you felt like youhit the lottery and in a manner you didhowever what if you located out that the lottery was only paying you 1/4 of your winnings. 

when you take a look at the industry it’s far nonetheless enormously youngerkeep in mind when you have beendeveloping up, i am sure you bear in mind radio, having to roll the home windows up in your car by means of hand, or the use of a rotary phone. Now it is the internetstrength everything and cell phones. I best point out this so that as a landowner you comprehend you’re a part of new generation that has now not simplest changed the rotary telephonehowever now your LAN line home cellphone as nicely. With that comes the capability to benefit greatlyjust as anyonehave from the usage of cell telephones. Many landowners and lawyers do now not have the knowledge in this industry to fully take advantage of it is capabilityhere are a couple of examples of methods used by cell cellphone organizations and tower businesses.

1.) The cell cellphone industry is consolidating so which means your tower may be at danger.

In maximum instances this is simply not authenticyes there was consolidation consisting of the merger of sprint and Nextel, as well as Cingular and AT&T. but remember that does no longer mean less demand for the service that is being suppliedfurther there are new corporations which include ClearWire which are doing well and growinghere is some other secretcellular phone towers aren’t simplest getting used for voice verbal exchange. Bringing the internet on yourcellphone and other media content which includes tv is here now, if you have no longer visible the Apple Iphone I suggestgoing to at&t’s website. This interprets into better mobile smartphone bills which means extra cash for thosecorporationsshouldn’t that imply extra money for landowners?

2.) Use this lump sum payment to pay payments now.

A lump sum provide might also sound like a superb deal, specially in the event that they offer you seven years at your contemporary lease. There are situations whilst this is a viable choicehowever as I noted earlier than groups exist to make cashintegrate that with the possibility that you are not getting full cost in your land agreement and … this isexactly how those groups are creating wealthoften times they’ll flip round and re-negotiate your agreement for tonsmore and begin cashing in on your economic scenariobelieve in case you acquired $500 greater a month from yourmobile phone tower leasecould this assist relieve some of your debt? What if you may get greateronce in a while shorttime period troubles can be solved with long term solutionsno longer always the short restore.

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