Android Mobile Application Development: Trends to Follow

Discuss mobile platforms and mobile application technologies the name that hits your brain after iPhone software development is Android application development the most popular platform to work on after iOS. Outsourced workers android iphone app development is big trend across the globe, which almost all of the firms are exploring to leverage on the present mobility increase and according to Nielsen; an US based Exploring the market Company, Android os platform is the speediest growing mobile platform and leading the race to become leader in the Smartphone segment pitted to beat rival Apple’s iOS. But then as everyone says iPhone software has their own benefits just like the android software do. سناب عثمان SCOthman

The biggest good thing about android mobile application development is that android is a source platform so the android developers no longer have limitations that other mobile platforms generally face. Outsourcing the android programs to an offshore google android development company is the best way to address when it comes to android mobile iphone app development with prime give attention to quality and IT expertise. 

A few of the latest functionalities in Google android software development recently which may have become popular include Site based services where companies can get a LBS . software on Android where in the application can find out the location of the customer via GPS and present them the detailed information they are looking for, Cloud centered service integration which permits the companies to proficiently manage IT and also extend its reach using mobile apps. Experts are also saying that android os phones will become credit cards in forseeable future and people will be able to get things with the aid of the android mobile because of this of which the web commerce companies will be able to extend themselves on the mobile platform which will make shopping easy and fun for the customer. A good example of which is NFC, it will be another big wave in creating an USP for Touch screen phone.

Furthermore, if we speak about Google marketplace, the android iphone app store, Distimo Research Business says that it has shown a significant expansion last year when it comes to downloading of applications and they have also predicted that the enlargement will be tremendous in coming couple of years. We all know tablets have all the capacity to replace the Computers and laptops soon google android operating system is intending to launch more interesting ideas for android tablets which makes android OS even more interesting platform to work on. With more recent advancement Google buying Motorola mobility, Android is now even in better position to compete on the world stage.

Therefore, with variety of OPERATING SYSTEM and new technological styles android software development is now very popular. Choose an offshore android development middle for your company and become the part of the latest technology and trends.

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